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Wednesday, February 27

Uncle Ofay's Good-Times Story Corner Podcast

Uncle Ofay's Good-Times Story Corner

DJ: Lin Swimmer

Wednesdays, 11 PM - 12 AM

I've now been doing this, on and off, but with occasional bouts of reliable frequency, for years now. That's shocking! It's easy to forget or overlook, but I could not and never would have had the opportunity to make this show without Veronica, Andy, our webmaster whose name I can't spell or even check (Bangbay!), Joe, and everyone else that regularly contributes time, money, and expertise to keep the station operational.

I'm often annoyed that everyone I know and have ever met doesn't bang a podcast out twice a month. Then I think about what goes into making it happen, and I realize that I'm just spoiled by knowing amazing people.

None of which tells you what kind of show I do. And I guess it just won't.

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  • Thanks for showing up, Lin Swimmer!

    – vern, 2/17/10, 10:17 AM

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